12 Instagram Accounts that Post Raw, Beautiful and Relatable Content for Mamas

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6 min readFeb 4, 2021


As you all know, there are infinite accounts on IG that give parenting advice on sleep, feeding, potty training, behavior etc. Of course, these are all helpful (I’ll do a blog post featuring some 101 Mama faves soon), but for now, I’m SO excited to share these accounts with you. These are the content creators we really need to hear from, writers, poets and leaders who so beautifully capture the absolute joy, chaos and emotional challenges of motherhood.

Check them out and subscribe to any/all that you find relatable.

So much love to you, mama!

1. Kate Baer

Vogue calls her the “Instagram poet for people who don’t like Instagram poets”. Baer’s words are accessible yet moving, tragic yet humorous. My favorites are her blackout poems where she screenshots hate mail, mostly from men, and blacks out parts of the message to create a poignant, feminist poem out of it. Her poems are a big breath of air from the often meaningless noise of IG.

2. Matrescence Collective

Disclaimer — I (Melina, author of this blog) am part of this project but I promise it deserves a spot on this list independent of my affiliation! This is a a brand new account for the publishing house of the same name run by the talented Brazilian writer Rafaela Carvalho, who’s been a big hit in the mom space in Brazil for years but is only now bringing her content to an English speaking audience (translated by yours truly!).Check out her first book in English about the woes and joys of modern motherhood, 60 Days of Fog. It’s sure to make you laugh, sigh, nod and cry in the same sitting.

3. Magamamas (Kimberly Johnson)

Kimberly, a San Diego native, is a sexological bodyworker and somatic experiencing practitioner (if you have no idea what that is, don’t fret, just know she’s a badass that deeply cares about helping mothers and women heal and (re)find pleasure). She’s also author of what’s often referred to as the postpartum bible The Fourth Trimester, she offers online courses called Jaguar that empower women around all kinds of issues and she’s an honest and committed spokesperson for equality and social & racial justice especially around women’s rights. I highly recommend checking out her podcast and subscribing to her email newsletter.

4. Jessica Urlichs

I just got introduced to Jessica’s account recently, but I’m hooked. Each post’s caption is better than the last. This kiwi mum uses beautiful prose and poetry to shed light on the various facets of what she calls “momisms”. Taken from the description of her poetry book titled All I See Is You, “Jessica’s words encompass the highs and the lows, the raw and the vulnerable and the overwhelming love a mother has for her child.”

5. Female Collective founded by Candace Reels

This account focuses on women rather than moms, but is so worth following because it has daily uplifting reminders that celebrate and empower females across the board. The company’s founder Candace Reels is a Black activist, intersectional feminist and self-love advocate born and raised in L.A. She “created Female Collective to help women come together, tell their unique stories, and feel empowered to tackle the missions that matter most to them.”

6. Motherly

Motherly has become a big media brand, but was founded by two very ambitious mamas not too long ago. It has a great podcast and its IG account serves as a platform for the voices of women from all walks of life. It’s content is inclusive, raw and “was born to send expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration to women exactly when they need it.”

7. Grace Farris

Farris is a super talented illustrator & graphic novelist of sorts and gets the mindset of a mama spot on in her regularly ‘mom comics’. I personally can’t get enough of her “Weekend Mom” series. Definitely worth a follow for silly and relatable reminders that all of us are mamas are hyper connected by the mere fact that we’re all moms doing the best we can with what we have.

8. Mama Collective (Tiere Jenuine)

Tiere is a friend of mine from childhood here in Encinitas and actually was a big inspiration for my starting 101 Mamas. Tiere started Mama Collective 7 years ago in NYC after her first son was born and she realized that matrescence (the transition period into becoming a mother) is when mamas most need real community and emotional support. So she organized regular intimate mama discussion groups that focus on topics around the “emotional, physical and spiritual journey of motherhood but also other areas of our lives…because moms don’t just talk about motherhood 🤪.” She posts a lot of funny, relevant and inspiring content especially about her experience being a mom to 4 kids under the age of six yet still wanting to be her own independent creative woman.

9. Carley Schweet (also founder of @hellopostpartum)

I’m also new to Carley Schweet’s page but I’ve been loving what I’ve seen so far. She posts bite-size tips and tricks on how to take better care of your emotional self, especially as a new mom. Her newly founded company Hello Postpartum is a fountain of resources around an array of topics ranging from birth recovery to mental health.

10. Alexandra Sacks

Sacks might very well be the mother of the matrescence movement (see her TED talk on it!) She’s a reproductive psychiatrist based in NYC, author of book What No One Tells You — A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Postpartum and hosts an awesome podcast called Motherhood Sessions. Her account curates uplifting and relatable content and drawings about motherhood.

11. Mother Truths (Karen Mcmillan)

This is another account that provides a raw, relatable and beautiful escape from the monotony of Instagram. Mcmillan is a talented British poet and also the author of two books that come highly recommended: Mother Truths and Lessons.

12. Janna Lozow

To wrap up the list, I had to include my dear friend Janna (pronounced “Hanna”). I met her at breastfeeding support group when our now 2 year ols daughters were just a few weeks old and she’s been a critical part of 101 Mamas ever since. Janna is both a life and movement coach and helps women develop and sustain practices to feel grounded and calm (something all of us mamas always need). I highly recommend her group coaching courses — they’ll make you realize that you really can take better care of yourself and that it’ll pay off by significantly improving your partnership, and relationship with your children. She also posts free, quick movement practices and lots of hilarious quotes on her IG!