21 Toddler Dolls + Toys that Foster Diversity & Inclusion in 2021

1. Barbie Fashionistas Line (approx. $10)

2. More Than Peach Palette Packets ($12)

3. Musical Instruments from Around the World (pricing varies)

4. Mattel’s Creatable World Gender-Neutral Doll Kits ($20+)

5. Qai Qai doll ($22)

6. African American Soft Baby Doll ($24)

7. Lottie Dolls ($25)

8. The Pattycake Doll Company ($20 — $30)

9. Playdate Friends ($25)

10. Wonder Crew Dolls for Boys ($30)

11. Lakeshore Learning’s People with Differing Abilities ($35)

12. Snuggle Stuffs Soft Plush Around The World 8" Dolls, 8 Pack ($40)

13. Positively Perfect Dolls ($40)

14. MyFamilyBuilders ($40 — $70)

15. Color-in washable map tablecloth ($42)

16. Peg Dolls — The Trail Blazers + The Peace Makers ($45 for set of 4)

17. Dinkum Doll ($69)

18. Healthy Roots Dolls: Zoe ($80)

19. Worldgirl Dolls ($89)

20. Handmade Keepsake Dolls from HarperIman ($100+)

21. American Girl Truly Me collection ($110)




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