Best Baby Pool Floats

101 Mamas
3 min readSep 5, 2020

Local summer has just begun here in San Diego! Here are the pool floats that mamas in the group have purchased and been happy with. Stay safe and stay cool!☀️⛱️

Baby Inner Tube (8–24 months)($5)

This one doesn’t have a shade but it’s so cheap and practical, has fantastic reviews (from the top reviews, it seems to best fit a 9–18 month old) and is a great thing to have on hand for baby’s first dips in the pool.

Infant Belly-Down Floater (3–7months)($16)

Brianna, a 101 mama, used this on a lake in Michigan and gave it raving reviews. It gets babe familiar with “swimming” face down and has a harness to keep him/her secure.

There are 3 sizes so can accommodate young babes or older toddlers learning to swim.

Infant Belly-Up Float (3–9 months) ($35)

This is also for the itty bitties, starting at 3 months and should work up until 9 months, depending on your babe’s size. It accommodates an infant lying down belly up and has a buckle to keep them in. The sun canopy is adjustable which is nice too.

Kiddie Float w/ Sun Shade (1–2 yrs) ($6)

I feel like I see a baby in this float every time I go to a pool. Probably because it’s so cheap and an Amazon bestseller, but also all the mamas who have it are satisfied and have used it 2 summers in a row. It gets extra points for being decent looking since a lot of them aren’t 🤣

Octopus Float w/ Activity Center (9–24 months)($21)

This one is much pricier than the kiddie float (above) and IMO, not very aesthetically pleasing BUT that said, it has a lot more features to keep your little one’s attention: an octopus that can be turned around 360 degrees, a squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, and soft touch star. Also, its canopy is removable.