Best Hiking Backpack Carriers for Toddlers and Babies

101 Mamas
2 min readAug 31, 2020

Overwhelmed by the amount of hiking backpacks available on the web? This shouldn’t be as complicated as choosing a stroller or car seat! We keep it simple and link to the two best hiking carriers that the majority of our mamas swear by:

#1 Deuter Kid Comfort

According to all the mamas who pitched in on the convo about hiking backpacks, Deuter is the best one for the following reasons:

  • It has multiple frame settings for the person carrying, so you can quickly adjust to find the best fit. This means it’ll work for you whether you’re very petite or very tall or heavyset.
  • Supports up to 48 lbs and torso height up to 21 inches
  • Has a sturdy sun cover that tucks into a zipper pocket and it’s well padded for the person that’s doing the carrying.
  • Note: The mamas who pointed out the top features recommended the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro but their 4 carrier backpacks all have their pros and cons so just browse through the 4 and decide what’s best for you!

#2 Osprey Poco

The runner-up was Osprey. The mama who raved about Osprey has a used Poco Premium she got on Facebook marketplace, but sadly they don’t make that model anymore. However a few other mamas chimed in and agreed that Osprey has a lot of great features and highlighted the following:

  • Has a hydration bladder aka external hydration sleeve which is great for hot weather hikes (the norm in sunny San Diego)
  • Has a sun shade that can be tucked in
  • Fits a wide range of parents carrying it — the mama who recommended the Poco Premium said it was very comfortable for mama who’s 5'6", papa who’s 5'11" and an uncle who’s 6'2"

Hope that helps make your selection more smooth! Happy hiking 😁