Best Natural Treatments + Creams for Baby Eczema

101 Mamas
2 min readSep 2, 2020
A product image of Creme Nouveau’s Body Cream with Magnesium Sulfate

One of the most common issues parents struggle with is treating their little one’s eczema or dry, sensitive skin irritations. Treatment options have come up consistently in the group over the past 2 years and lucky for you, we’ve narrowed it down to a few options, all of them natural and one local to San Diego!

One of our 101 Mamas founders, Jennalee, struggled to find a promising treatment for her daughter Luna’s eczema on her cheek. After trying several natural creams to no avail, Skin Probiotics finally worked and worked quickly! She saw results within 1–2 days and the best part is that the eczema issue hasn’t reappeared in months.

It’s made with 93% Certified Organic and wild-crafted ingredients and has no steroids, no antibiotics, and no chemicals. Probiotics for the win!!

Similar to Jennalee’s story, 101 mama Lizzie was super irked to see her son Hobie’s eczema getting worse instead of better when attempting creams that she found online. She finally stumbled across this amazing magnesium sulfate cream by local San Diego brand (!!) Beauté Nouveau and in her words: “Hobie’s angry oozy spot cleared up OVERNIGHT. Insane.” Beauté Nouveau’s owner is working her tush off to make more sizes of the creams but do to COVID-19 demand for pumps, she only has 15oz available right now.

  • Side note: I’ve been recommended Beauté Nouveau’s Creme Nouveau ($86) as a daily facial moisturizer by like 10 different mama friends who also use it on their little ones. 🤗

A few mamas said they’ve seen great success by adding Gladskin to the localized eczema first then covering the general area with Creme Nouveau (above). This product is made specifically for eczema and is suitable for anyone older than 3 months. It’s free of steroids, fragrance and all the bad stuff but it’s not quite as ‘natural’ as #1 and #2.

While nobody in the group has given a direct testimony to this specific product’s effectiveness (it’s brand new!), Earth Mama Organics has been a reliable brand for nipple cream, diaper cream and many other baby bath products so I felt comfortable adding it to the list. It’s all organic and very affordable!

Let me know if the comments if you’ve tried it and how you like it.

  • ☀️ BONUS TIP: Adding a little Apple cider vinegar to babies bath works wonders for eczema too!