Best Plates, Utensils & Cups for Baby’s First Solid Foods

101 Mamas
3 min readOct 26, 2020


Giving your baby solids and water for the first time is very exciting, but can also feel very overwhelming. Here’s a short list of what the vast majority of 101 Mamas agree are the best plates, utensils and cups to give your little one as they venture into the wonderful world of FOOD! 😋

EZPZ Suction Plate ($20)

ezpz Suction Plate with Round Place Mat

As you’ll see, we’re big fans of EZPZ for a few reasons: they’re 100% silicone, BPA free, easy to clean and great for taking on the go. The only issue I’ve experienced is that while they do suction onto most tabletop surfaces, they don’t stick to many high chair tables. Otherwise it’s the best out there!

EZPZ Suction Bowl ($20)

ezpz Suction Bowl with Place Mat

This bowl is great to have on hand for breakfast meals (oatmeal, cereal, yogurt etc) because the place mat around the bowl makes for much easier clean up. Also, all EZPZ products are dishwasher safe!

EZPZ Weighted Tiny Cup ($10)

ezpz Tiny Cup for Toddlers

I thought this cup was so funny when I first gave it to my daughter because it looks like a shot glass 🤣. It’s actually a fantastic intro to open cup drinking and according to the experts, it’s better to give your little one an open cup first, then a straw cup. Check out Feeding Littles’ Ultimate Guide to Cup Drinking for more detailed info.

BEABA 4-Piece Meal Set ($35)

BEABA Toddler Meal Set

BEABA is the runner-up to EZPZ. They take up less room and are a bit more sturdy and also a lot of mamas say their spoon is better than EZPZ’s because it’s a bit bigger and easier to handle with teeny tiny hands.

Avanchy Plate, Bowl and 2 Spoons Set ($40)

Avanchy Plate, Bowl and Spoon Set

Avanchy bamboo products have a great rating among the group too and they’re a bit more “natural” looking so a plus in that regard. I personally like the Avanchy sporks ($20 for 5 pack) for babes under 1 best of all the utensil options out there.

Munchkin 3 Forks and 3 Spoons Set ($20)

Munchkin Fork and Spoon Set

For kiddos 1 yr+, these utensils, which are made of stainless steel, make your little one feel empowered because they’re eating with utensils just like all the big kids around them. They have a special design feature that keeps the actual utensil from touching the ground when it falls (which will happen almost every meal time 😉).

Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup, Set of 2 ($10)

Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

If only I’d designed this genius product and I’d be a millionaire! This cup is great for your kiddos’ oral development (they say regular cups are better than straw cups) and is (mostly) mess free. Every single toddler I know has this cup which is a promising sign that it’s a worthwhile product.

BONUS TIP: Leave a spill-free sippy cup of water like the Munchkin 360 in your toddler’s crib so they can grab it in the middle of the nap or night when they’re thirsty.

Happy eating!!! 🍲 😍