Holiday Gift Guide: Eco-friendly Small Business Kids Apparel Brands

Ultra Violet Kids (made by hand in LA) -$

Seaesta Surf (San Diego based) — $$

Roux (made in L.A.) — $

June Park (small batch manufactured in the U.S.) — $$

Childhoods Clothing (made in U.S.) — $$

Darling Clementine — $$$

Rylee and Cru — $$$

Misha and Puff —(thoughtfully made in Peru) $$$

Gathre Play Mats — $$

Freshly Picked — (made in U.S. with Italian leather) $$

Billy Bibs (made in the U.S.) — $$

  1. When We Wear Young is an online marketplace that has a lot of cute kids apparel and toy brands including a lot of amazing ones from Canada and Europe.




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