Sleep Sacks for EarlyWalkers + Toddlers

101 Mamas
3 min readSep 13, 2020


Once your little one starts showing signs that they’re ready to walk, it’s time to get them a sleep sack with legs! This way, they are still warm and cozy at night but don’t risk falling all over the place once they wake up. Total bonus: sleep sacks with legs are great for belly sleepers and the crotch area is low enough to keep toddlers from climbing over the crib rails!

Here are the most commonly recommended sleep sacks for little tots:

Tealbee Sleepsuits (avg $40)


Tealbees has adorable and super soft sleep sacks with legs: sleeveless ones they call Dreamsuits and long sleeve ones they call Dreamsies. You may think $40 sounds expensive, but my daughter wears one of her two Tealbee sleep sacks every single night during the cooler seasons. Definitely worth it! They have different TOG (thickness)so depending on the average temp in your little’s room, it may be best to get two different TOGs. Here’s their TOG guide to help you decide.

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker ($65)

Kyte Baby

Kyte sleep sacks are more pricey but have solid color options and are made out of sustainable bamboo, which in their words “absorbs & evaporates humidity better than any other fabric available”. Lots of the mamas in the group say they’re great!

Halo Big Kids Fleece Sleep Sack ($22)

Halo Big Kids

This one isn’t made of any fancy material (100% Polyester) but it’s a simple sleep sack that’s made of fleece so cozy and easy to throw on over PJs for cooler nights. They have sizes all the way up to 5T so great for keeping your big boy/girl bed sleepers warm even if they kick off all the covers.

Woolino Four Seasons Footed Sleeping Bags ($85)

Woolino Sleeping Bags

I’ll start by explaining that the price is so high because these sleep sacks are made of certified Merino wool and organic cotton. Wool is known to be great for both cold and warm temps. Woolino even promises that the snaps and zippers are lead and phthalates free. Like a good pillow or mattress, it’s worth the investment!

  • ☀️BONUS TIP — Put wool sheepskin under the crib sheet 🐑

Authentic sheepskin wool regulates body temperature meaning keeps your babe cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights. Slip it in between the mattress pad and the crib sheet and it’ll keep your kid at the right temperature. Just be mindful about where you get it. 101 Mama Danika got her sheepskin at New Zealand company Ecowool.